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Discover how MDCoder helps ensure an efficient and controlled charge capture process for large healthcare organizations.

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The MDCoder application is available on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets.

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At MDCoder, we pride ourselves on customer service and technical support.

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MDCoder is an award winning mobile charge capture application made for physicians, by physicians. We provide an automated billing process that can easily be customized to fit any individual clinician’s work flow. With an arsenal of powerful features like complete support for ICD-10 and integrated secure messaging, charge capture has never been easier. Since 2002, our application has been used by thousands of physicians nationwide, in more than 25 different specialties. We offer unrivaled flexibility through customization and workflow adaptability. Our low costs and excellent support make MDCoder ideal for any size healthcare organization. Join our family today!

Digital Rounding List
Capture patient charges faster than paper... guaranteed.

MD Coder provides physicians with a real-time patient census list accessible on their phone. This patient list with your captured charges will integrate directly into your EHR system.

Integrated Data Entry
Eliminate all back office data entry.

Manage patients with associated face-sheets, notes, and charges – all on one robust system.

Easy Patient Handoff
Patient sharing just got a whole lot easier.

With a single swipe, seamlessly share patients with other physicians for handoff or weekend rounding.

Smart Charge Capture
Reduce charge lag times by 95%.

Submit charges to your EHR within minutes with MDCoder. Choose from customized drill-downs and utilize our built in AI tools.

  • Native iOS and Android support
  • Customized to fit various work flows
  • Built in and customizable triggers
  • Full Web base and Mobile Platforms
  • Census Manager
  • Effortless Code Search
  • Interface with any system
  • Real-time secure messaging
  • Admit/DC notifications
  • PCP Messaging
  • Built in Handoff and Follow-up
  • Customized patient flags
  • Capture PQRS / MACRA Measures
  • HL7 and Web API integrations with over 50 systems
  • Built in Artificial Intelligence
  • The fastest multiple charge entry system in the market
  • Completely customizable by practice for user - at no extra cost
  • By the far, the best value charge capture product. Guaranteed.
  • Reporting on demand
  • No maintenance or hidden fees
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What Our Clients Say

Harry Black, MD, FACS

I am a General Surgeon in Daytona Beach and have been using MD Coder for several weeks now. It is incredibly easy to use, accurate in its coding of procedures and diagnosis, and has been a real boon to the folks in my office who do the coding. I enter the data (it takes 2 minutes or less in the recovery room), then print it out for the office. Needless to say they are thrilled!!! I HATE paper work, but MD Coder for General Surgery has made my life easier and using it becomes as much a part of patient…
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Mrs. Alice Shultz

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all the help during my problems with the MD Coder download. You were prompt in getting to me when I sent the email, and you were extremely professional when talking me through the issues. You were not only helpful, but you were very nice about it also. I was really pleased that you even let me call you back, when I was on my way home. Being a long time computer owner, it was very refreshing to have a tech support do just that, support.
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Jeff Colyer, MD

Thanks for all your help. You have added codes that were unique to our practice and you have always taken my calls. You give great service!!! I strongly recommend MD Coder to all surgeons. I can actually code it when I do the procedure and my office staff becomes much more efficient.
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