Grow Your Practice with MDCoder

Stop letting paper hold you back.

Managing patients, notes, and charges shouldn’t be a difficult process. However, we have found that without a charge capture solution, practice growth and efficiency can be limited. Physicians are losing time and money with paper-rounding lists, manual note transfer between systems, and more.

What is Charge Capture?

Wondering ‘what is charge capture’? The definition is simple: it’s the capture of information for use in a medical claim document, a critical element of the overall revenue cycle.

Without a reliable charge capture process, poor coding and lost charges can cost healthcare organizations a lot of money.

I capture my charges on paper, isn't that good enough?

  • Studies indicate that practicing physicians are currently losing in excess of $25B per year in denied or reduced reimbursement of submitted claims.  This loss in revenue occurs because doctors do not have adequate documentation for their patient encounters or have billed incorrectly for their services.
  • A $39,000 increase in monthly revenue was recorded by a west coast cardiology practice simply by implementing MD Coder for their five physicians.

Plus, physicians and their office personnel can be held accountable for mistakes costing the practices huge fines, frequent audits and even imprisonment.

Capturing charges on pieces of paper can no longer be part of the charge capture process. Healthcare organizations today must operate more efficiently.

Consider a practice with 23 physicians, looking at just 27 patients a day.


in missed/lost billable charges


spent on new patient setup


spent on data entry

MDCoder: Pioneering Mobile Charge Capture

Improving the Charge Capture Process

with MD Coder

MD Coder effectively takes the place of paper. The software allows physicians to capture charges at the point of care and assures all data captured maintains its integrity and is able to be accessed and communicated in a form that enables staff and the other systems involved within the revenue cycle effectively carry out their duties.

The various elements of a charge are entered once into a mobile device or on the web.  The charge is stored in a central database where it is then available for review and verification

Our goal is to help eliminate the pain points in your current process. Along the way, we believe our product will maximize productivity and grow your practice.

Benefits of Using MDCoder

Ensures no lost or missed charges

Reduces audit risk

See your entire patient database

Enter codes by searching the entire CPT/ICD-10 library

Secure Text Messaging

Automated capture of MACRA/MIPS codes

Completely HIPAA Compliant

Specialty specific cross-referenced drilldowns

Create customizable fields

Integration with most major PMS systems

Flexible web-based reports


Why MDCoder?

MDCoder can help your practice solve the pains of a paper practice through:
Digitized Data Entry
Integrated Patient Feeds
Seamless Patient Handoff
Elimination of Lost or Missed Charges

With MD Coder multiple physicians can synchronize to one database. Physicians can share patients and encounter information, notes and communicate with one another, securely and efficiently. The Web application gives you a state of the art interface to manage your patients, encounters and charges. You are able to search for all of the codes you would need for your charges including CPT, ICD-10 and modifier codes. Customizable drop lists allow you to speed up data entry for many fields that contain the same information: PCP, Location, and Referring Physician, as well as others.

Information gathered on mobile charge capture apps and synchronized to the Web can be printed with MD Coder's reporting functionality. Having won awards and endorsements for design, ease of use, and functionality, MDTech has developed the gold standard for charge capture. You will find your experience with MD Coder to be one of a kind.

Patient Database

Direct integration with your hospital(s) to pull your patient census to your phone.

Patient Handoff

Seamlessly share patients with other physicians for handoff or weekend rounding.

Patient List Management

Manage patients with associated facesheets, notes, and charges all on one interface.

Charge Capture

Capture/Submit charges at point-of-care in less than 5 clicks.

Why is digital charge capture important?

Grow your practice using a digital charge capture application that integrates with your existing systems.