mobile charge capture

What is Charge Capture?


Charge capture is a process used by doctors and other health care providers to record and bill for their services. Charge capture is a crucial part of the revenue cycle process, as healthcare organizations that fail to accurately document information on the care provided at their facilities can potentially lose millions in revenue.

In its simplest form, charge capture is the process whereby doctors record information on their services, which is then sent out to billers and insurance companies for reimbursement. Electronic charge capture was introduced to the medical industry to remedy the pain of paper based charge capture systems. Electronic charge capture ensures greater billing accuracy, lower charge lag, and integration with hospital PMS/EHR systems. Specifically, the most efficient form of charge capture utilized mobile devices such as smartphones or tables. Mobile charge capture allows charges to be collected electronically at the point of care. Doctors can record charges using a charge capture application on their phone, on the go. Since doctors can easily search amongst ICD-10 codes, the right charge capture solution will also make the job of back-office workers easier as the number of incorrectly billed charges is decreased.

Physicians can now record charges with a click on their phones and send them directly to the billing office - no paper transfer necessary.

MDCoder is the award winning mobile charge capture application you have been looking for. MDCoder charge capture provides an automated billing process that can easily be customized to fit the clinician’s work flow. With complete and full support for ICD-10, and integrated secure messaging, charge capture has never been easier.

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