Stephen Fielder, MD

June 28, 2018

It is rare when I have the time to take the time to write a letter, in fact, this is my first letter I’ve written in quite some time. However, when I sent an email last Sunday and received a thorough response a few hours later, I was in disbelief, “what a customer service!”. Damon, the service you and your staff have provided for our practice can only be described as a top notch. I have tried many coding applications of which none can suit my needs. I was referred to your product by a fellow, and can honestly say, that I use it everyday. You’ve taken the time to create and customize a database for us, and have worked diligently with us. It is rare to find a company with presence online and find both an exceptional product with matching service. MD Coder, truly is a powerful tool and has encouraged me to do what I should be doing and what I have neglected for so many years, code. I look forward to your future products and can only hope that the ease of use, intuitiveness and design are half of what MD Coder is.