Scheduling/Pre-Certified Charge Capture

MD Coder just got even more useful. For practices that use pre-certified charges for surgery or scheduling for assiged cases, MD Coder now has a brand new module just for that. Using interfacing, MD Coder can receive a surgery scheduling feed directly from your EHR/HIS. In addition, any pre-certified charges from the insurance company will also feed to the physician’s mobile device.


The scheduled patient list view shows surgery patients in chronological order.


Physicians can view pre-certified charges for each case and easily approve/modify as needed.

How Does it Work?

Annotation 2019-03-26 200921

The surgery schedule and pre-certified charges flow down from a EHR/HIS like eCW. From there, the physician approves and submits charges from their mobile phone. Charges can be bulk approved or modified as needed. After the submitted charges are approved, they flow back to eCW.