MD Message VidChat

MD Message for Telehealth

MD Message for Telehealth makes it easy and affordable for physicians to provide quality healthcare to their patients anytime, anywhere. MD Messages' cutting-edge patient care includes video visits, scheduling, automatic billing, and more while integrating into your existing clinical workflow.

MD MESSAGE (Standalone)

$ 15 / month
  • Standard Pricing
  • Virtual Appointment Room
  • Unlimited Encrypted Video Calls
  • High Quality In-Video Chat
  • Screen share, mobile app, and more

MD MESSAGE +Charge Capture

  • MD Coder for Mobile Charge Capture
  • MD Message for Telehealth
  • Scheduled Video Appointments
  • Appointment notifications
  • Automated Telemedecine charges

Telemedicine Made Easy

No Download Required

See patients whether you're in the office or on the road from any desktop or iOS/Android device.

Continuity of Patient Care

Reduce hospital readmissions with options like remote patient follow-ups.

Boost Efficiency & Convenience

Fill open appointments and reduce no-shows by offering patients the convenience of online consultations.

  • Schedule video appointments directly from your Patient Rounding List
  • See past and upcoming appointments from the schedule view
  • Get notifications for upcoming appointments
  • No patient accounts needed
  • In-Video Chat
  • Automatic Telemedecine charges added to each visit
  • Password protected appointment rooms
  • Communicate across platforms, devices, & desktop browsers
  • Encrypted by default
  • Screen sharing (browser only)

Schedule Appointments, Visit Patients, Submit Charges

Non-MD Coder Users:

The mobile-app stores are a bit behind in releasing new applications – while we all wait, we’ve released an initial browser-to-browser solution so you can register for a private room and serve your patients remotely immediately.

MD Coder Users:

Since MD Message is built into MD Coder, no additional software is needed for physicians to begin scheduling virtual appointments with their patients. As a provider, simply set your desired appointment time/date and a meeting invite will automatically be sent to the patient. MD Coder will send a reminder notification when you have an appointment and provides a complete view of your patient queue so you can appropriately triage patients.

After the appointment, easily add your Telemedicine service codes with a single swipe. MD Coder will even give you a list of suggested CPT codes based on the call duration.



Convenient, Personal Healthcare

MD Messages' user-friendly design makes it easy for patients to see their provider quickly from the comfort of their couch. MD Message Patient Edition can be accessed from a computer browser, or our native iOS/Android applications. When a provider sends a virtual appointment invitation, your patient will recieve a calendar invite with links to join the meeting.

Patients will be able to see a full log of previous and upcoming appointments through MD Message Patient Edition.

MD Message Devices2
  • No account needed for your patients
  • Secure password protected visits
  • End-to-end encryption
  • High quality audio and video appointments
  • Web browser ready: no downloads are required of your patients to attend a virtual appointment. MD Message Patient Edition works directly within their browsers as well.
  • Patient appointment log available for reference