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When you request a 30-day trial of the MDCoder® mobile charge capture system, there's no obligation to purchase the product. This is a great way to find out if MDCoder can help your organization improve the charge capture process. Once you find out how much you love it, you'll be able to upgrade to an annual or month-to-month subscription after the complimentary trial for continued use. There's no hardware to purchase.

Spend less time on billing and more time with patients, increase profitability.

If you can only benefit from using the MDCoder, why not just try it? There's no hassle. Focus on the long term benefits and significant time and money you will save. This data is based on an average annual salary of 300K within 250 days.


saving time (15 mins)

If each 15 minute consult cost $150 and you conserve 15 minutes each day by utilizing this program, you save approximately $37,000 each year. ($150 X 250 days = $37,000 in savings)


in missed/lost billable charges

Accordingly to CMS, a physician misses between 3 and 5% of charges. This could easily amount to $15,000.



An average physician can increase their bottom line income by approximately $2000.

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